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Mobile Banking

Think of Mobile Banking as carrying your own personal teller around with you everywhere you go.

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      Online Banking

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      Save yourself trips to the bank with banking so private and secure, you can do it in your jammies.


      Lucky for you, this internet thing lets you do most of your banking from home if you want to. Doing so is secure and go ahead, wear your jammies if that's what makes you comfortable.

      • Fast and easy to use
      • Securely encrypted
      • No personal information is shared
      • Check balances
      • Transfer funds
      • Pay bills online
      • View statements

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      Recycling paper is great, but not using the paper in the first place is even better.


      Notification of bank statements and account notices are delivered right to your e-mail, saving you time and saving countless trees in the process.

      And don't get us started on the shoebox filing system. Instead of taking up your closet space with reams of bank documents, sign up for VisionBank e-statements.

      • Receive statements faster than standard mail
      • Easier to manage
      • Securely encrypted
      • Print only when needed
      • Environmentally friendly
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      Online Bill Payment

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      Clicks not licks! Save time, money, paper, and yourself—from the terrible taste of envelope glue.


      We could go on and on about how paying bills online saves you money and time, but in the end it all comes down to your tongue. Licking envelopes and stamps is so 1990.

      But seriously. Online Bill Payment saves money on postage and cuts down on paper usage tremendously. It's very secure, very fast, and very easy.

      • Saves time, money, and paper
      • Securely encrypted
      • Simple to use
      • Make one-time payments or schedule recurring payments
      • Set up due date reminders
      • View payment histories

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      Debit Cards

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      A lot safer than carrying cash...and takes up much less space in your wallet too.


      You could carry wads of cash everywhere. Of course, you could send messages via carrier pigeon if you wanted to. But there are more convenient ways.

      Your VisionBank Debit Card, linked directly to your checking account, is accepted pretty much anywhere in the world, except, of course, places where pigeons are still delivering mail.

      • More convenient than check writing
      • Works like a credit card
      • No finance charges or monthly fees
      • Get cash from ATMs
      • Cash-back available from many merchants

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      Wire Transfers

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      Receive or send cash safely through VisionBank.


      Wiring money may not be the everyday thing it once was, but when you need it, you really need it. Wire transfers allow you to receive or send cash. VisionBank makes it easy and safe.

      • Reliable money transfer
      • Nominal fees apply
    • Safe Deposit BoxCustom Image

      Safe Deposit Box

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      Keep your most important documents and valuables safe by storing them in our vault.


      We all pray it never happens, but in the case of fire, flood, or theft, your valuables are much safer in our vault.

      • Protects your most valuable valuables
      • Very safe and private
      • Added peace of mind

      Contents within safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured. Please check with your homeowners insurance (or other insurance agent) for coverage of personal items in safe deposit box. (Note: Many insurers offer lower premiums on valuables kept in a safety deposit box instead of at home.)